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At Hair Majesty we use Kléral System - a top Italian Hair Brand.

Starting from the most advanced research, the Kléral System laboratories have created the perfect union between science and nature, an exceptional balance obtained by the different specific lines of product for the treatment and the prevention of scalp and hair anomalies.

Thanks to the completeness, and the simple use of Kléral System products, it is possible to handle successfully and without waste any problem and specific need. These products are free of dangerous components and can be used by everyone with no contraindication. Each and every Kléral System product is subject to dose attention during production and special treatment of the ingredients.


Kléral System is sensitive to environment and has opted for biodegradable products and recyclable packaging. The cosmetics, containing particularly pure component, are not animal tested.


Ladies Cut / Trim - €9.50
Men Cut - €7.50
Children’s cut - €5.50

Blow Dry Short - €8.50
Blow Dry Medium - €9.50
Blow Dry Long - €10.50
Blow Dry with curls - €12.50

Colour re-growth - €10.50
Full head colour Short - €10.50
Full head colour Medium - €15.50
Full head colour Long - €19.50
Toner - €15.50

High/Low lights half head - €17.50
High/Low lights full head - €30.00
High/Low lights half head foils - €25.50
High/Low lights full head foils - €45.00
Extra colour - +€3.50

Straightening re-growth - €17.50
Straightening full head - €35.00
Permanent Waving - €30.00

Treatments starting from €12.00
Up-styles - €25.00

Chinese Straightening on quotation
Extensions on quotation

The Kléral System® SENJAL® Multivitamin Range
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The Kléral System® Selenium Range
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For further information www.kleral.com

The Kléral System® Semi Di Lino Treatment Range
hairdressing kleral malta
The Kléral System® Afro Look Range
hairdressing kleral malta