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At Hair Majesty we use Kléral System - a top Italian Hair Brand.

Starting from the most advanced research, the Kléral System laboratories have created the perfect union between science and nature, an exceptional balance obtained by the different specific lines of product for the treatment and the prevention of scalp and hair anomalies.

Thanks to the completeness, and the simple use of Kléral System products, it is possible to handle successfully and without waste any problem and specific need. These products are free of dangerous components and can be used by everyone with no contraindication. Each and every Kléral System product is subject to dose attention during production and special treatment of the ingredients.


Kléral System is sensitive to environment and has opted for biodegradable products and recyclable packaging. The cosmetics, containing particularly pure component, are not animal tested.

The Kléral System® SENJAL® Multivitamin Range

These hair care products are formulated to provide a barrier against damaging and drying external agents.


With dedicated products for each specific hair type, this range offers protection against the effects of chemical treatments, restoring the hair fibre, adding body and volume to dull hair.


The SENJAL® range of products effectively restructure and moisturize the hair without heaviness.


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The Kléral System® Selenium Range

Revolutionary shampoo, mask and vial formulas for the prevention and treatment of common hair and scalp conditions.


Specific ranges include: anti-thinning treatment based on an innovative formula that slows down unnatural hair loss and fosters re-growth; anti-grease treatment to regulate and stabilize the sebum balance of a greasy scalp; anti-dandruff treatment for a dandruff-free scalp while adding vitality to hair.


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The Kléral System® Argan Oil

Kleral Argan Oil is a luxury hair care range that features products that contain argan oil. Argan oil is made from the nuts of the Moroccan argan tree, and is rich in vitamins E, F, C, and A, as well as omega 9, essential fatty acids and natural organic squalene to seal, protect, and nourish hair. In addition to nourishing and protecting hair, the products can also help with psoriasis and eczema, reduce inflammation, and soothe and condition the scalp.


Huile d'Argan has a special texture that makes it immediately absorb-able, leaving your hair naturally smooth as silk. Huile d'Argan regenerates hair that has been damaged by environmental agents and the chemicals that can be found in other products and treatments. Protection: Huile d'Argan is useful for treating hair that has become frizzed by colour treating and humidity. A few drops will be enough to apply to your dry hair. Huile d'Argan softens the hair and prepares it to absorb colouring whilst adding sheen, bounce and very intense tones. Huile d'Argan is for use after shampoo and conditioner.

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For further information www.kleral.com

The Kléral System® Semi Di Lino Treatment Range

Laboratory technicians at Kléral System® have developed a complete range of products using the natural vitamins and antioxidants of linseed.


The shampoo, oil, cream and hairspray contain emollient active ingredients that leave the hair soft and light; the omega 3 oils strengthen the cell membranes of the scalp, adding body to damaged, brittle hair. SELENIUM LINSEED is a natural aid for beautiful hair.


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The Kléral System® Afro Look Range

Kléral System® is a continuously evolving company, committed to developing innovative products to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele.


The new AFRO LOOK HAIR range responds to today's hair care needs. A complete range of straightening products including anti-frizz shampoo, straightening gel, anti-frizz fluid gel, smoothing fluid and styling wax, formulated to treat and style curly and frizzy hair.


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